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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Welcome to the Home of Arabic Fonts

The Best and Top Arabic Fonts ever created on Computer Platform. High-end Arabic typefaces marrying the latest Open-Type technology to traditional calligraphy

Awesome Calligraphic Beauty

Our unique, state of the art typefaces capture the classic calligraphic perfection of the Arabic script in the form of novel fonts. These amazing typefaces provide all the correct calligraphic shapes for quality Arabic writing. These high-end Arabic typefaces are particularly well suited for traditional book typography.

True Calligraphic Tatweel

We offer the most complex Arabic fonts ever created on computer platform having in depth calligraphic shaping rules. Our marvelous typefaces offer the Arabic writing in its full glory with true calligraphic tatweel (kashida) up to several levels of elongations for all the letter shapes.

Extreme Typographic Richness

Our fonts add ultimate calligraphic beauty, accuracy and variety to the typography of the Arabic script, with letters and marks variants and calligraphic styles. These fonts are specifically developed to take advantage of the extensive functionality for Arabic typography with full Unicode support.