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Some Important Features of the Ayesha Naskh Typeface

  • Ayesha Naskh covers only Arabic language. For other langauges of Arabic script please check Omar Naskh
  • It is a true calligraphic Naskh font that has seven weights. Extralight, Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold and Heavy.
  • Control to use different shape alternates for words to achieve the dissimilation of the same letter through variations and to open up new creative possibilities for advertising, front pages, greeting and business cards.
  • Control to use different shape alternates for marks also like dammatan, fatahatan, kasratan etc.
  • Control to adjust space between words, normal spacing or condensed Naskh spacing or wide spacing.
  • The typeface provides three kinds of beautiful swashes for all letter shapes, smaller swashes, longer swashes and overlap swashes.
  • An amazing feature of the font is 100% calligraphic tatweel (elongation and stretching of words) up to seven levels for all words shapes with auto-change of smaller marks to longer marks as tatweel extends, so the Kashida distribution and frequence can be precisely controlled to create Arabic calligraphic documents without a calligrapher.
  • Accurate marks positioning, horizontally centered, slightly above or below the letters, neither touching the letters nor colliding with adjacent marks.
  • Hundreds of kerning pairs for the fine adjustment of letters specially after Raa, Zaa, Waw and before Kaaf.
  • Special characters for modern and classic Arabic, such as Qur’anic punctuation and Tajweed marks.
  • Beautiful justification alternates.
  • Proportional and tabular numerals.
  • A super fast Arabic font with all these features consisting of only 1000 Arabic glyphs.
  • Suitable for any kind of cultural text, from religious to poetic and literary, to create sophisticated Arabic literary and academic books. Also suitable for large text sizes.