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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a quick guide to the contents of EULA (Font License). This brief outline is for your convenience only. The terms controlling the license contract are more fully set on Font License and if you have any further questions, please read THE LEGAL STUFF in Font License.

Can I use a Omar Type Foundry font to create a logo?
Yes, you may use our fonts in a logo, either for your own use or on behalf of a client.
Can I use a Omar Type Foundry font for product creation such as printed pieces and design items for digital download (such as invitations, greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs, templates, word art) for resale. May I use your fonts in my designs?
Yes, and without limitation or restriction on quantities. Fonts used in digital download artwork must be used as a static image (ie; jpg, gif, tiff) and not outlined or provided as a font file.
Can I use a Omar Type Foundry Desktop OTF or TTF font in an e-book, app or website?
No, if you wish to use our fonts in an e-book, Apps or as a webfont it requires a separate license.
Can I share or loan a Omar Type Foundry font with my clients or friends?
No, you may not share Omar Type Foundry fonts with friends or family, they should buy their own license. However, you may share a vector graphic or outline shape created by the use of Omar Type Foundry fonts.
Can I take a copy of a Omar Type Foundry font to a printer/service bureau?
Yes, you may take a copy of the font software to a service bureau for the output of your work provided that they use the font software for your work only.
What is the difference between “print & preview” and “editable & embedded” fonts?

Fonts can be equipped with various rights. These stipulate how a font may be embedded into a document and what is permitted with the embedded font: Printing and preview (standard) Editable Installable Omar Type Foundry equips all its fonts with the level “Printing and preview”.

This means that fonts can be embedded and the document is reproduced with the correct font wherever it is opened or printed. It is thus possible to carry out the complete pre-printing process without purchasing further licenses. Some of our fonts are available with the feature “editable.”

The embedded font allows the user to view, edit and print the document although the font might not be installed in the system (if the application supports this feature!). The font is only accessible to the user within this document and as long as the document is opened. It is not accesible in other applications or documents.

Fonts with the feature „editable“ can not be purchased in our webshop, but need to be ordered either by e-mail to info@omar-type.com, or by calling +92-3004101882 or +92-3018749911.